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GYOZU™ is a pioneer in early-stage visualization of products. For example, we were one of the first prototyping companies to recognize the inevitable shift away from dirty, lithium-fueled 'electric cars' to clean hydrogen power. Humanity is rapidly transitioning away from the unethical disgrace of current 'electric cars'. GYOZU™ negotiates with automobile giants who are ready to exit the lithium-cobalt child-slave market. This is just one of our areas of superior engineering excellence.

Parametric CAD Modeling
GYOZU™ can provide parametric CAD models for your in-house engineers to work on. Future vehicles will self-fuel using on-board solar cells. We have already modeled these systems. Naturally, converting sunlight to hydrogen, via electrolysis, is slow. For this reason, GYOZU™ has designed a rapid-refueling method. Drivers will have the option to trickle-charge a hydrogen-fuelled vehicle without visiting a 'gas station', or to refuel in seconds using industrially-manufactured hydrogen.

Experimental Engineering
GYOZU™ is a leader in experimentation. We can help you pivot your business in months. For example, our designs for hydrogen vehicles are vital. Even if the electric-batteries used by legacy car manufacturers could be ethically mined, the technology is unsuited for drivers who want to cover long-ranges in climatic extremes. The equivalent weight of hydrogen can provide as much as 264 times more energy than an electric battery. GYOZU™ will help you change.


GYOZU™ invests in small engineering projects that prioritize ethics and human dignity over profit and personal-gain. GYOZU™ funds a number of engineering teams across the world, working to improve the human experience and build a kinder society. We're especially interested in clean-burn propulsion systems and secure computing.

GYOZU™ collaborates with trusted manufacturing partners to build real-world prototypes. Our manufacturing capabilities range from computer circuitry to complete passenger vehicles. GYOZU™ specializes in physical modeling and we try to minimize time spent in CAD environments. This gives our work its unique edge.

At GYOZU™ we operate in the most competitive and hostile industries in the world. For example, automotive prototyping and secure computing systems. For this reason, our security is near-impenetrable and our employees are a closely-guarded secret. Some of the best minds in the world work for us. We want to keep it that way.

America: Daytona Beach, Florida

Japan: 新宿 Tokyo, 日本